Custom Lunch n’ Learns

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With doctors receiving so much risk management advice, the importance of the communications skills of the office staff has been long overlooked. This presentation stresses the relationship and caring aspects of risk management and relates practical, usable techniques that can be integrated easily into the medical office setting.

Would you like Danna-Gracey to visit your practice, society, or peer group to host one of our new informational Lunch n’ Learn eat-ins? We would be delighted! Passionate about what we do and the cause at hand, we have spent countless hours researching and writing educational articles and attending and speaking at numerous medical society and lobbying events. For more information on our Lunch n’ Learn or to check availablity in your area, give us a call at 800.966.2120.

“All medical office administrators should consider this presentation in an effort to educate your staff. EDUCATION IS PRICELESS! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Danna-Gracey can offer valuable information to any medical office administrator who is aware of the importance of education on risk management. I highly recommend this presentation.”

– Dawn Kleabir, CPC, GSS – Office Administrator
Treasure Coast Surgical Group