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Did you receive money back on your workers’ compensation insurance premium last year?

Hundreds of doctors have. That’s because Risk Strategies offers a special workers’ compensation insurance plan for members of numerous medical societies. The rates for workers’ compensation insurance are set by the state, prices are the same no matter where you secure coverage. But now, through our exclusive program, all policies over $500 premium are eligible for the dividend and your dividend could go as high as 55% depending on the amount of premium paid.

Other workers’ compensation insurance programs may offer similar dividends on an individual basis, but our program is based on the group’s experience and not the individual’s experience. This provides a better chance to not only receive the dividend, but to receive a higher dividend.

There is no reason NOT to switch to AmTrust

There is no better time to move your coverage. AmTrust is one of the largest writers of workers’ compensation insurance for small businesses across multiple industries. Should you decide to switch, you have nothing but upsides:

  • NO penalty should you decide to switch coverage from your current carrier
  • You can carve out coverage from your PEO
  • Multiple payment options – AmTrust AutoPay (direct debit), electronic check (online or by phone) or Pay-As-You-Owe® (PAYO®) workers’ comp premium automated payment solutions through AmTrust
  • Loss control specialists provided with an in-depth risk assessment, on-demand safety education, expert training and ongoing support
  • A variety of tools and workplace safety training resources at your disposal
  • Unparalleled claims management
  • Potential dividend could go as high as 55% of your premium – exclusive to Risk Strategies

AmTrust North America has been a true partner to Risk Strategies for many years, and now, with the resources of AmTrust – rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best – we are able to provide this exclusive enhanced dividend program that is like no other for Florida physicians and medical practices. To date, these programs have given back over $10 million in dividends to Florida medical society members insured through these programs.

For more information on the workers’ compensation insurance program, contact Tom Murphy at or 800.966.2120.

Workers Compensation InsuranceIntroducing AmTrust PAYO® for Insureds

Workers’ Comp Premium Payments Made Easy

AmTrust PAYO now provides you with three seamless Pay-As-You-Owe workers’ comp premium payment solutions. This frees you up to do what you do best – run your practice!

Traditional PAYO – Automated solution through your payroll company. Allows you to keep your local agent and your local payroll company.

3rd Party Facilitator – Automated solution through 3rd Party Facilitator. Allows you to keep your local agent and your national payroll company.

(PSR) PAYO Self Reporting – Self reporting solution through AmTrust Online reporting system. (Requires a $200 deposit)

Many practice owners find it increasingly difficult to comply with ever-changing IRS tax-filing rules. It is also challenging to pay large up-front premium deposits to bind coverage, make timely installment payments and contend with large additional premiums due at audit. That’s where PAYO can help!

Benefits to You:

  • No money down makes it easy to secure workers’ comp coverage at policy inception and renewal
  • Enjoy cash flow benefits of paying premium based on “actual” payroll each pay period, not estimated payroll made 12 months in advance
  • Pay your workers’ comp premium through your payroll company or online each pay period
  • No checks to write or invoices to pay
  • Simplify your audit process. Reduce the change of an audit surprise
  • Budget more effectively by staying current and on top of your workers’ comp expense

You can download more information on PAYO here or contact Tom Murphy with any questions at 800.966.2120 or


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