About Danna-Gracey

Danna-Gracey is an independent insurance agency with a statewide team of specialists, dedicated solely to insurance coverage placement for Florida’s doctors and healthcare providers, including medical malpractice, medical facilities’ workers’ compensation coverage, and physician and employee benefits.

Danna-Gracey, The Largest Independent Medical Malpractice Insurance Agency in Florida

At Danna-Gracey, we understand the complex landscape of insurance coverage for medical professionals. An independent agency with a statewide team of specialists, we are dedicated solely to insurance-coverage placement for Florida’s doctors and healthcare providers. We work closely with our clients to identify insurance needs specific to their medical specialties and practices. Our personalized client attention and command of the insurance marketplace enable us to effectively negotiate competitive rates – even with the top carriers. Familiar with all aspects of coverage and bolstered by years of experience, our team of insurance professionals brings exceptional expertise to the table.

Danna-Gracey team

Customized Client Services

We offer our clients a full spectrum of insurance services and products, including medical malpractice, medical facilities’ workers’ compensation coverage, physician and employee benefits, and PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services.

In addition to the procurement of more traditional medical-professional-liability coverage, Danna-Gracey can help clients minimize exposure to emergent liability risks, such as data breaches. The increased reliance on databases to manage patient information poses a potential threat to privacy. Cyber Liability Insurance was created to address the risk of a compromised computer system – and is just one example of how Danna-Gracey helps clients stay ahead of the liability curve.

An Insurance Agency Above and Beyond

Our agency’s specialized knowledge and commitment to providing the most comprehensive client services make us one of the leading healthcare insurers in Florida. One of our aims is to help our clients find the most cost-effective insurance programs. To that end, we have developed a set of unique programs, which sets us apart from other agents.

  • Medical Society Programs. Medical societies and associations offer members a range of insurance and coverage benefits. Through its strategic partnerships with Florida’s top medical societies, Danna-Gracey is able to provide discounts.
  • Physician and Employee Benefits. Our Physician and Employee Benefits Division was created exclusively to assist our clients in managing and coordinating the lesser-known financial aspects related to employee-benefits programs. From group health to group disability to advanced estate planning, Danna-Gracey can provide expert advice on how to get the most from your plans.
  • Risk Purchasing Groups (RPGs). Designed to reduce the risks for group members, a Risk Purchasing Group allows specialists with like risks to collectively negotiate for insurance coverage. Danna-Gracey’s Risk Purchasing Groups include the Florida Orthopaedic Risk Purchasing Group (FORPG) and the Florida Gastroenterologic Society Risk Purchasing Group (FGRPG).

A Dynamic Team of Insurance Specialists

Since 1981, Matt Gracey and the team at Danna-Gracey have become well known throughout the state as strong advocates for healthcare providers, as well as creators of society and network insurance-purchasing programs. Over the years, the company has grown into a dedicated team of specialists — all with outstanding credentials — ensuring quality service and a cohesive effort. With offices in Delray Beach, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Pensacola, Danna-Gracey works throughout Florida on behalf of physicians – well beyond managing their insurance policies. We make it our practice to genuinely care about yours.

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#1 Independent Med Mal Agency in the Southeast


Matt Gracey

Matt Gracey

Licensed as an insurance broker since 1981 in Florida, Matt is an expert in medical malpractice insurance coverages and leads the team at Danna-Gracey.

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy is a key producer specializing in workers’ compensation as well as medical malpractice insurance.

Panama City

Julie Danna

Julie Danna

Julie brings over 17 years of experience and knowledge of Florida’s medical malpractice landscape.


Jessica Hoehn

Jessica Hoehn

Jessica brings integrity, energy, hard work, detail and creative service to assist you in  every detail of your insurance needs.


Bill Gompers

Bill Gompers

Bill brings more than 35 years of experience in the private and public, profit and not for profit health care and insurance sectors.


Wes Caldwell

Wesley Caldwell

Wes has spent the last twenty-seven years in the financial services industry. He is an expert in coordinating benefits for physicians and their staff.

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