Julie Danna

Julie Danna

Malpractice and Cyber Insurance Expert

Julie Danna

Julie Danna is a Senior Vice President of the National Health Care Practice of Risk-Strategies/Danna-Gracey.

Julie’s insurance career started in the late 1990s.  Along with her partner, Matt Gracey she has created and manages numerous successful Society and IPA Medical Malpractice Insurance Risk Purchasing groups.

A founding partner of Danna-Gracey and Medical Defense Solutions, a cost-effective, alternative method to successfully self-insure for physicians and surgeons, Julie was a strong advocate for medical liability tort reform in Florida and is committed to helping the medical community.

She is a certified Cyber Risk Manager and prides herself on working diligently to protect healthcare professionals.

For almost a decade Julie was the Executive Vice President of the Network of Florida Otolaryngology as well as the Vice President of the Florida Chapter of The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA).  She was also on the National Board of TIPAAA for three years.

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Phone: 850.530.3924
Fax: 850.995.9119

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