Aviation Coverage


As a leading aviation and aerospace risk management specialist, we know the needs of our clients go far beyond what the eyes can see. That’s what makes Risk Strategies Aviation Practice one-of-a-kind – reliable, complete, end-to-end service and some of the broadest coverage of any line. We have an unmatched understanding of the complexities of risks and exposures in the industry to help protect all parts of your business.

Industry Insight

It’s no secret that aviation risks and exposures have presented unique challenges to the insurance industry for years, from large capacity limits to the broad appetite of the business. Our team offers industry knowledge to have you covered from ground to flight and back. The top risks our clients face include:

  • Gaps in coverage for aircraft loss of use or damage
  • Passenger and employee injuries or bodily harm
  • Property damage to third parties by crew members, maintenance, line services, and dispatch personnel
  • Non-owned aircraft and aviation liability including air charter operators

Solutions and Capabilities

Our team of specialists is dedicated to helping clients understand risks and management needs in the industry to provide the most reliable options. Although aviation policies are extensive, we specialize in the following types of coverage:

  • Manned commercial and industrial aid aircraft
  • Aviation and professional liability
  • Unmanned aerial system and drone
  • Travel medical service and repatriations for aircraft passengers and crews

No two businesses are the same. We tailor our risk management services to meet your specific needs. For example:

  • An appropriate policy covering aircraft hull physical damage while also increasing inspections to maintain base operations, property and contents, pollution liability and manufacturer products liability
  • Crafting, implementing, and maintaining the necessary operational safety programs that ensure coverage for the unique job codes and exposures
  • Analyze and determine the appropriate levels of liability coverage necessary to protect against losses resulting in aircraft operations while developing a training and qualification program
  • Create travel medical services and repatriations to limit the potential for crippling claim limitations

Why Choose Risk Strategies?

When facing important business challenges, maximizing success starts with the right partner. At Risk Strategies, we see risk through your lens. In over 30 specialty practices, our experts bring in-depth industry knowledge and a business-first approach to deliver the clarity and strategies you need to face the future with confidence. The market is filled with brokers who generalize, but Risk Strategies specializes and speaks the language of the aviation and aerospace industries.

  • We are aviation specialists that know how to fill in the coverage gaps often left by general risk managers
  • We know the nuances of the industry and eliminate back-and-forth communication between flight department management and personnel
  • We streamline the process of last-minute certificates, pilot approvals, international proof of coverage, and more
  • We’re transparent with the costs of coverage because we want clients to understand the insurance and risk process