Are You Compliant?

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Total Compliance Solutions has created an intensive process for making sure that your practice or business is accomplishing the necessary functions to maintain good regulatory compliance. We can create a site specific compliance program that covers a wide range of issues like: Corporate Compliance, OSHA and HIPAA/HITECH.

Our team of healthcare consultants has built healthcare compliance programs for thousands of organizations. We have defined the “best practices” for the healthcare compliance industry and we are constantly monitoring our channels to keep your organization up-to-date with any regulatory changes. Our end-to-end healthcare compliance programs gives you the peace of mind of running your organization with the full backing of our compliance team.

Achieving compliance and accreditation, whether you are a small healthcare practice or a large multi-site, integrated health delivery system, or somewhere in between, makes good business sense…when it’s done right.

Why? Well, let’s face it…

  • Compliance is the law
  • It is often a marketing necessity
  • Accreditation also allows you to compete at a higher level – often one which is required by third party payers and the community a large

It helps you…

  • Avoid downtime
  • Control worker compensation costs
  • Deliver quality services
  • Optimize profitability
  • Reduce your exposure to lingering risk, fines and legal fees
  • Keeps your employees safe
  • Your environment clean
  • Your investors happy

But doing them right demands specialized resources.
It takes a diverse set of skills to develop and implement such programs. Think about it…you need to stay abreast of ever-changing OIG, CMS, OSHA, ADA, DEA, EPA, FDA, NFPA and arid of other federal, state and local laws, regulations and guidelines, translate them into written policies and procedures tailored to your operations, and train your employees.

Few individuals have the expertise – or the time – to do it all, and its seldom cost-effective to retain highly specialized compliance resources for even several of these needs, on a full-time basis

Who We Are

TCS is the nation’s leading one-stop resource for outsourced accreditation and safety and health compliance solutions in healthcare. Whether you need periodic specialized assistance to augment your in-house capabilities or turnkey management programs, TCS can help.

What makes us different: WE DO IT FOR YOU!

Unlike most consultants, TCS takes a hands-on approach to providing accreditation and compliance assistance. From on-site assessment and the development of written policies and procedures, to online implementation, through ASP management tools, web-based education and ongoing training-we do it for you. You do not end up with just another list of “to do’s”.

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