“I’ve known Matt and his team for many years and routinely rely on them as insurance advisors for my physician clients. They are a valued and reliable asset that I could not do without.”

Jeff Cohen, Esq., Attorney at Law, Delray Beach, FL

“Not only is Matt a top expert in finding the most suitable available malpractice insurance coverage for individual doctors and group practices, he is committed to and genuinely cares about what’s going on with Florida doctors and their patients, I  have personally witnessed the significant amount of time – more than any other agents – they have spent in Tallahassee trying to make a difference on the doctors’ behalf.”

Dr. Dennis Agliano, Past President of the Florida Medical Association

“There are no other agents I know of who are so involved in the tort reform movement working side by side with doctors as these two.”

Dr. Robert Cline, Past President of the Florida Medical Association

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the RPG.  As the result of our affiliation with the RPG, our savings will be approximately $39,000 for the year.  It is highly unusual to see a reduction in insurance premiums, much less a substantial savings such as we are receiving.  This is a $13,000 savings for each of the three managing partners.   In these difficult times, it is nice to know that we have people working in the best interest of the physicians.”

Patti L. Wolf, Administrator, Florida Musculoskeletal Institute

“As a practice administrator, every once in a while in your career, you have the opportunity to work with individuals who you want to recommend every chance you get and that is how I feel about the individuals at Danna Gracey.  I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Gracey for the past several years.  Most recently, our practice was in need of a tail policy.  What he was able to accomplish for us in terms of cost savings was groundbreaking.  They are not afraid to push the envelope and they ALWAYS put their clients’ needs first.  I give Matt my highest recommendation!  It is a pleasure to work with an individual who has such high standards and business ethics.”

Dorothea M. Wynne, CMPE, Director Administration, Orlando Heart Center

“I discovered the OptaComp program through FOGS as Florida ACOG Chair, but enjoy it as a solo ObGyn practitioner. Same coverage and cash back… a no-brainer! Thanks Danna-Gracey.”

Jay Trabin, M.D.,

“Two years ago, our orthopaedic practice had grown into a practice with 6 doctors, 1 PA and 1 NP and a physical therapy department, doubling the staff overnight.  Our office needed a reorganization of our group insurance policies, I had called a couple of other agents to see what they could for us, their quotes were almost double our original price. I had met Dan Reale and Matt Gracey at a AAOE/Florida Bones meeting and decided to call them and ask for a quote because I had heard they had helped develop a malpractice program that greatly reduced the malpractice premiums for orthopaedic physicians who were members of FOS/Bones. Dan was very helpful in answering our questions and gave me a quote which saved us, we expanded our coverage to cover the entire staff for almost no additional premium cost.  They have been very helpful in getting us the right insurance coverage for our group. Even now, if i have a question regarding our insurance coverage, Dan is eager and willing to help answer them. I would strongly recommend Matt Gracey, Dan Reale and their staff to anyone who needs help with their insurance needs.”

Karen Fielder, Administrator, Tri-County Orthopaedic Center, PA

“We were initially referred to Danna-Gracey by a happy client of theirs. Our agent at Danna-Gracey, Dan Reale, was happy to meet with us after hours and can always be reached on his mobile telephone. Dan explained several options for our group’s malpractice coverage and gave us his best recommendation. He showed us how to combine malpractice coverage for our medical office and our outpatient facility that saved us an annual premium of about $24,000. We trust Danna-Gracey to offer us the best coverage for the best premium cost. We highly recommend Danna-Gracey to any professional medical group.”

Jonathan S. Daitch, M.D.,

“As a practice manager, there are very few companies that put your business needs first. Dan Reale for the past several years has been our account representative and has been extremely professional and dedicated to every aspect of our malpractice insurance needs. We have a very complex medical office with varying needs and when we were entertaining the idea of changing coverage due to our practice growing, it seemed somewhat overwhelming. Converting our malpractice insurance certainly was not a simple task; however they made it as seamless as possible. I give Dan my highest recommendation!  It is a pleasure working with him and he has such high standards and business ethics.”

Christine Freche, Practice Manager, Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery

“I recently learned that my employer did not purchase medical malpractice insurance for me and actually left me “bare” for a number of months. Upon learning about this, I was concerned that I would not be able to secure coverage due to the time that had passed since the start of my employment. I was told that you could only buy tail coverage from your current carrier.

Fortunately, I was able to locate Danna-Gracey, a team of medical malpractice insurance specialists. They were not only able to secure coverage for the period I was “bare”, they were also able to secure tail coverage for an additional four years that was required by my new medical group.

It was a pleasure and a relief to find specialists who not only helped me through this difficult period, they educated and guided me through the process and provided excellent service from start to finish.”

Russell Snyder, M.D.,

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