Physician & Employee Benefits

Have you exhausted all of your tax saving opportunities for 2013? We have a little known retirement plan that allows for significant tax deductions, tax-free growth, and distributions, and is asset protected in the event of a lawsuit.

This is just one of the many areas we can assist you with, covering a wide range of needs from group health benefits to disability and life insurance the sizegenetics. Wes Caldwell, Danna-Gracey’s Physician and Employee Benefits Specialist, has over 27 years of experience in the financial services industry. Wes can coordinate these benefits for you and your practice, as well as help with several unique asset protection strategies that allow you to accumulate money on a tax preferred basis.

Areas of service include:

Group Health
Group Life
Group Disability
Section 79 Plans
Defined Benefit Plans
Long Term Care
401K (Fiduciary Liability Mitigation)
Individual Disability Income
Disability Overhead Expense
Disability Buy-Out
Life Insurance Audits
Advanced Estate Planning

To find out more, contact Wes Caldwell or call him at 888.284.4198.