PEO Services

Lower cost health insurance and PEO options


Have you had an independent evaluation of your PEO (Professional Employer Organization) or looking to have a better understanding of the available options? As independent consultants, we have the ability to shop for the best fit for your unique needs. We can review your current employment related expenses such as health insurance, workers’ compensation and employee benefits and outline options that are available. Essentially, we empower you with the knowledge to navigate the maze of PEO options, and help you carve out the services that will fit your practice best. Some of the benefits of a PEO include:

• Reduced health insurance costs
• Ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations
• Relief from the burden of HR compliance and administration
• Contain costs while offering Fortune 500-style benefits
• Attract and retain the best employees
• Significantly reduce employer risk
We believe that employees are the greatest assets of any company. PEOs have the tools and experience to build a company’s relationship with its employees into everything it can be. They help minimize problems, maximize solutions and assist companies in building the quality workforce they need to succeed, while helping owners maximize their productivity and profitability while providing a complete human resource and employee benefit package. Whatever your human resources needs may be benefits, health insurance, payroll tax compliance, or risk management we can put a complete HR department at your fingertips at a fraction of the cost allowing you to concentrate on the business of health care.