The med mal waters are getting scary. It’s good to be the big fish.

Would you like to have control of your medical malpractice insurance?  The concept is simple, and the solution is even easier.  Simply put, it is strength in numbers.

Danna-Gracey / Risk Strategies, the program administrators, have revolutionized the way medical practices purchase their professional liability insurance. They have assisted several medical societies in creating programs to collectively bargain for malpractice insurance as a unified group of specialty-specific doctors. But it is about much more than just good rates in the short term. These Risk Purchasing Groups (RPGs) are about long-term control, and about getting through the next inevitable malpractice insurance crisis by unifying to gain purchasing power.

The GAOE Board of Directors have authorized Danna-Gracey / Risk Strategies to move forward with the creation of a Founders Group of practices that are interested in the Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) concept.  Participation in the Founders Group will not obligate you to participate in the RPG down the road.

There will be no upfront capitol or risk the practices will assume if they decide to participate.   Surgeons will be asked to pay a small administrative fee each year to fund operations of the RPG and their CEO/Practice Manager will need to maintain active membership in the GAOE.

If you are interested in joining our Founders Group or have any questions, please feel free to contact Fraser Cobbe at 813-215-7140. Fraser has personal experience in managing the Florida Orthopaedic Risk Purchasing Group for the past 12 years so he is happy to field any questions any of you may have.

OrthoPOD Special Edition: The formation of the Georgia / South Carolina AAOE Risk Purchasing Group

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the RPG. As the result of our affiliation with the RPG, our savings will be approximately $39,000 for the year. It is highly unusual to see a reduction in insurance premiums, much less a substantial savings such as we are receiving. This is a $13,000 savings for each of the three managing partners. In these difficult times, it is nice to know that we have people working in the best interest of the physicians.”

– Patti L. Wolf
Administrator, Florida Musculoskeletal Institute

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