About the Florida Orthopaedic Risk Purchasing Group

The purpose for which this program was formed is becoming a reality. It is no longer just  a matter of  signs hinting at a hardening market. Indisputable evidence is now at the forefront. Rates are beginning to rise. Malpractice carriers are being placed into receivership.  Shockingly high awards are being made by juries in Florida. The clear choice for the orthopaedic profession is the Florida Orthopaedic Risk Purchasing Group. It is time to seek shelter now from the approaching malpractice insurance storm.

For over a decade now, the Florida Orthopaedic Risk Purchasing Group (FORPG) has changed the way Florida orthopaedic surgeons purchase their malpractice insurance by collectively bargaining for malpractice insurance as a unified group to gain not just better rates and benefits, but also to gain more control of our members coverage in the next inevitable crisis.

The formation of the FORPG  sent shockwaves throughout the malpractice insurance industry, saving Florida orthopaedic surgeons an estimated $9 million the first year alone. The FORPG was founded in September 2008 by the Florida Orthopaedic Society (FOS) and the Bones Society of Florida (BSOF), the FORPG is governed by an independent board composed of representatives from both societies.

More Than Just Better Rates

Claims Review Committee –  Orthopaedic leaders from around the state review with our program insurer, on an anonymous basis,   each and every claim against any of the member insureds .  This committee meets by phone to review the claims against any FORPG member with the The Doctors Company (TDC). Discussions result in identification of key medical and legal issues of each claim, the most appropriate expert witnesses, and strategies for the best defense.

Risk Management – The FORPG has established a Risk Management Review Committee to change the risk profile of our members.  This committee is responsible for working to reduce the risk of claims against the FORPG members.  Best practices are distilled from interested members and groups, the FORPG’s insurance advisors and TDC, as well as extensive literature.

Enhanced Coverage Products – Through the power of strength in numbers, the FORPG offers it’s members a collection of coverage options designed specifically to protect your practice from the modern day threats you face every day, such as cyber breaches, ransomware, RAC audits, sexual harassment claims from patients and disgruntled employees, HIPAA violations, online reputation repair, Board of Medicine investigations, billing errors, and more.  We also offer a unique Workers’ Compensation insurance product that could get you back a dividend of your premium of up to 24.8%.


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