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FGSRPG logoMany signs are pointing to a return to high malpractice insurance rates that could lead us into the next med mal crisis. The solution – The Florida Gastroenterologic Society Risk Purchasing Group (FGRPG) – a professional liability insurance Risk Purchasing Group exclusively for Florida Gastroenterologists. Simply put, there is strength in numbers.

The FGRPG was created by the Florida Gastroenterologic Society (FGS) exclusively for FGS members. It is designed to greatly reduce the cost of malpractice insurance through collective bargaining. In fact, through the FGRPG, you could receive a 25% program credit on your current med mal premium. This program is insured through The Doctors Company (TDC), rated A+ “Excellent” by A.M. Best.

Think Unity

There are more risks associated with “going it alone” than with purchasing as a group. If your practice suffers a paid loss, then not only will your malpractice costs likely increase, but you will also have fewer options to negotiate for better coverage and rates long into the future.

Claims Review

Gastroenterologic leaders from around the state review with The Doctors Company (TDC), our program insurer, on an anonymous basis, each and every claim against any of the member insureds. These discussions result in the identification of key medical and legal issues of each claim, the most appropriate expert witnesses, and strategies for the best defense.

Risk Management

The FGRPG has established a Risk Management Review Committee to change the risk profile of our members. This committee is responsible for working to reduce the risk of claims against the FGRPG members. Best practices are distilled from interested members and groups, the FGRPG’s insurance advisors and TDC, as well as extensive literature. Efforts by leaders from around the state in partnership with TDC have resulted in gastroenterologic specialized risk management techniques that all members are encouraged to follow.

During this unprecedented soft market, you may be able to find rates equal to what the FGRPG is able to offer… but don’t be fooled… what the other carriers offer is not equal coverage. No other carrier can boast a true partnership with your professional association. No other carrier can deliver the same scientific expertise in claims review and risk management.

For more information on joining the FGRPG, please contact Bill Bouck, Executive Director of the Florida Gastroenterologic Society, at 305.687.1367, or the insurance facilitators at Danna-Gracey at 800.966.2120.

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