Defense Solutions for Bare Doctors

Medical Defense Solutions (MDs) helps doctors who go bare. Access some of Florida’s best medical malpractice attorneys and enjoy discounts of up to 50% with pre-negotiated hourly legal fees.

Cost to defend yourself

  • The average defense attorney’s fees in Florida medical lawsuits in 2000 was $41,037.
  • This average is weighted downward by the proliferation of “nuisance” cases.
  • Serious claims can cost up to $200,000 to fully defend.
  • Legal costs are much lower for insurance companies because of volume discounting.

MDs core services include:

  • The Right Defense Attorney – access to a select group of attorneys who specialize in medical malpractice defense
  • Reduced Attorney Fees – pre-negotiated, discounted hourly rates with MDs’ panel of defense attorneys
  • Help Managing a Lawsuit – experienced claims manager to assist you in the legal process
  • Estate Planning – estate planners to advise you on the best options for financial protection
  • Lawsuits Prevention Strategies – a hotline, seminars offering CME-approved credits, and a quarterly newsletter on avoiding lawsuits
  • Information on State Requirements for Self-insuring – assistance with the regulations for practicing without insurance
  • Financial Planning – an essential component of practicing without insurance

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