High Limit Disability Plans

Risk Strategies has developed specialty High Limit Disability coverages for the physician marketplace. The risk of becoming disabled is much greater than most realize, by protecting your medical practice and income with a high limit disability plan you can feel secure knowing that you are properly protected. Contact Risk Strategies today to learn how you can protect your income and practice through a specialty high limit disability plan!

  • Aggregate limits of $25M+
  • Monthly Benefits up to $100K+
  • Benefits structured as: Monthly, Lump Sum or Combination
  • All plans available with NO MEDICAL EXAMS!
  • Policy Terms: 1, 3, or 5 years
  • Own Occupation Definition
  • Elimination Periods: 90, 180, 365 days
  • Monthly Benefit Periods up to 10 years

Simplified underwriting requirements for group enrollment

  • Available for salary protection & business coverage products
  • Mandatory Enrollment
    • Minimum of 3 lives

Benefits paid to the individual to offset income loss

  • Benefit limits up to 75% of income
  • Own Occupation Definition
  • Residual & COLA Riders Available

Protects the business against the loss of a key employee or owner

  • Benefits can be used however the organization sees fit
  • Limits up to 10x income

Loan pay off in the case of a disability

  •  Often required by lending agencies
  • Available for non-traditional loans
  • Benefits assignable to third party lenders

Funds a buy sell agreement between partners in the case of a disability

  • Offered to any level of ownership
  • percentage
  • Single owner buy-out accepted

Pays monthly business expenses

  •  Benefit Periods up to 36 months
  • Offered to all sizes of organizations
  • Applicable for most business expenses