Healthcare Providers Benefits Division, Jacksonville

As part of our suite of services, Danna-Gracey has created a unique benefits division, dedicated to providing our clients with expert advice related to physician and employee benefits. With an office in Jacksonville, Florida and led by Wes Caldwell, theHealthcare Providers Benefits Division can help you review and identify the most cost-effective benefits for you and your practice, from group health to disability and life insurance.

Healthcare Providers’Benefits and Your Florida Medical Practice

Benefits are an important aspect of running a thriving practice –and how well these benefits are coordinated has a direct impact on the financial health and security of physicians, surgeons, and their employees. However, the true financial potential of benefit packages is often overlooked or undercapitalized. Whether you are purchasing group health insurance or are considering advanced estate planning or the possibility of long-term care, there are actions you can take to make your benefits work in your favor. Because one decision can have an impact on the next, financial acumen and long-term planning can help you maximize the return on your benefits package.

Danna-Gracey understands that maintaining a practice is complex. The day-to-day matters can often overshadow the strategic planning needed to advance your benefits portfolio. That is why one of our main aims is to help you fully understand and streamline your benefits – allowing you to focus on what you do best: patient care.

Wes Caldwell: Your Physician and Employee Benefits Specialist in Jacksonville

Our Physician and Employee Benefits Specialist, Wes Caldwell,brings crucial insight to the table and can recommend how you can best leverage your benefits. An expert in coordinating benefits for physicians and their staff, Wes Caldwell has over 27 years of experience in the financial-services industry. He has specialized in tax-advantaged asset-protection strategies along with disability and advanced wealth-transfer concepts. With the ability to see beyond the general terms, he can work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy that can both boost the bottom line and promote financial growth.

Why Jacksonville’s Healthcare Professionals Choose Danna-Gracey

As an agency, Danna-Gracey has far-reaching expertise. We have a statewide team of specialists dedicated solely to finding you the best deals in terms of price and insurance –from medical-malpractice insurance, medical facilities and workers’ compensation coverage, to physician and employee benefits. Jacksonville-based benefits specialist Wes Caldwell has advised physicians and other healthcare professionals on how to take full advantage of their employee benefits. Make him your partner for financial planning, as he puts the interests and goals of his clients first.

Contact Wes today to see how he can help you coordinate your benefits.

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