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Medicalmalpractice insurance is more than a boilerplate policy. Deciding on the scope and terms of coverage requires a thorough analysis of your practice and an in-depth knowledge of medical-malpractice insurance and liability.

Focused exclusively on medical-malpractice insurance, the Danna-Gracey Miami office provides our physician and surgeon clients with the analysis and research needed to craft the perfect purchasing recommendation. We have helped Miami doctors acquire the right malpractice insurance, advising them on every detail, from Florida’s legal requirements to common mistakes and potential pitfalls. Our Miami office serves all of South Florida from Broward County through the Florida Keys, as well as reaching out to all of Florida.

Bill Gompers: Miami’s Doctor Advocate for Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical-malpractice insurance is a type of professional liability that covers negligence claims and other claims related to the failure of a healthcare professional to provide a standard of care, thereby resulting in injury or mental anguish. If a malpractice claim is brought against a healthcare professional, the insurance provider will invest considerable resources to thoroughly investigate the claim. The consequences of a claim being brought against you can be both economic and reputational, so it is important that you establish a rapport with insurance and legal experts who can help you sort through the scenarios before an unwelcome situation arises. This will help you make decisions today that can protect you tomorrow.

With more than 35 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, Miami-based Bill Gompers keenly understands the intricacies of medical-malpractice insurance. Bill has expertise in various areas, including legal/regulatory affairs and insurance and compliance management.

Medical Malpractice Consultation, Danna-Gracey Miami

The appropriate medical-malpractice insurance is essential for the business end and protection of your medical practice–and Danna-Gracey has the clout to help you secure it. We have a statewide team of specialists dedicated solely to insurance-coverage placement for Florida’s doctors and healthcare providers, including medical malpractice, medical facilities’ workers’ compensation coverage, and physician and employee benefits.

Bill, a seasoned client advocate, brings an exceptional background to the Danna-Gracey team. Bill has dedicated his career to serving the healthcare sector, contributing to organizational development on both the public and private side.Having held senior executive and high-level positions at medical centers and healthcare organizations, he understands the need to think strategically as well as operationally. He can examine all angles of your practice and recommend the best medical-malpractice-insurance package to suit your specific needs.

Contact Bill for a no-obligation assessment of your current medical-malpractice coverage.

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