Cleveland Clinic’s New Professional Liability Insurance Program

Experts Predict Huge Wave of COVID-19 Lawsuits Against Doctors


Cleveland Clinic’s New Professional Liability Insurance Program Can Help!

Even with some liability protections enacted and others proposed by various states, doctors need to be very wary of a new onslaught of lawsuits driven by the severe economic downturn, high unemployment, and lack of “standards” in care during the pandemic. The increased levels of economic settlements in the last three years have turned malpractice insurance companies’ profits into losses, leading to “hardening” market conditions including rising policy pricing, stiffening underwriting, and many insurers either going broke or getting bailed out by larger, more financially stable insurers.

Now is the time for doctors to focus a bit on their professional liability coverage. With Cleveland Clinic’s new program, doctors can feel secure in the choice of insurance partners, including The Doctors Company (TDC), the largest doctor-owned insurer in the country, as well as Danna-Gracey, an award-winning statewide agency specializing in insurance for healthcare providers.

Cleveland Clinic Florida logoIn response to the challenges faced by Florida physicians in finding affordable professional liability insurance, Cleveland Clinic Florida has created this comprehensive, competitively priced program for its medical staff members.

Cleveland Clinic Florida has partnered with The Doctors Company. Founded and led by physicians, The Doctors Company ( is committed to advancing, protecting, and rewarding the practice of good medicine. The Doctors Company is the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, with 79,000 members and over $4.8 billion in assets, and is rated ‘A’ by A.M. Best Company and Fitch Ratings.

The Doctors Company

The Doctors Company provides the Cleveland Clinic Florida physicians with best-in-class service offering underwriting, claims, and risk management services.

  • Highly competitive premium structure.
  • Policy limits available:
    • $250,000 | $750,000
    • $500,000 | $1,500,000
    • $1,000,000 | $3,000,000
  • Multiple deductibles available.
  • Stable, experienced insurer.
  • The Doctors Company is a physician-owned, dividend-issuing insurer.
  • Commitment to risk management.
  • The Doctors Company’s unique Tribute® Plan rewards physician loyalty and the practice of good medicine.