Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance through AmTrustFlorida’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums Increased 14.5% on December 1, 2016


On September 27, 2016, The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) approved an overall statewide workers’ compensation insurance rate increase of 14.5% to take effect December 1, 2016. The rate increase is in response to two recent Supreme Court rulings undoing reforms passed in 2003 and rocking the state’s workers’ compensation system.

The Solution: The Danna-Gracey Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program, offered through AmTrust, offers maximum possible dividends of 30%, you could end up saving 15.5% on your WC coverage even with the rates increasing!

Did you receive money back on your workers’ compensation insurance premium last year?

Hundreds of doctors have. That’s because Danna-Gracey offers a special workers’ compensation insurance plan for members of numerous medical societies. The rates for workers’ compensation insurance are set by the State of Florida. Your practice will pay the same price no matter where you choose to secure coverage. However, under the AmTrust program, you may now be eligible for an enhanced  dividend that increases from 24.8% to a new 30% maximum potential dividend.

For example:

• $10K premium could return a dividend of 30%, or $3,000.

• $5K premium could return a dividend of $1,500.

• $2K premium could return a dividend of $600.

The program is offered through AmTrust, rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best. The program is endorsed by many of Florida’s Medical Societies and Associations, and the exclusive 30% dividend program is offered exclusively through Danna-Gracey. Through this collaborative program, most doctors enjoy substantial money back without doing a thing — and usually more than enough to cover membership dues. Societies we are currently serving include:


Workers' compensation insurance

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