The Florida Orthopaedic Society Individual Disability Insurance Program

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Most orthopaedic surgeons are in need of additional disability coverage. Even those who recognize the need are hindered by the time consuming process and the unfounded perception that they cannot qualify for additional coverage.

The Florida Orthopaedic Society is pleased to announce a one-of-a-kind program that will make it easier for members to update their disability coverage. Surgeons can now obtain individual, non-cancelable, occupation-specific disability coverage with no medical exams or physicians’ records. Secure up to $10,000 per month of benefit by submitting a two-page signed application. Members with less than $35,000 per month of individual coverage are eligible to participate.*

* $40,000 per month maximum of individual and group disability

Individual disability insurance is the most difficult insurance coverage for which to qualify. It usually requires a fifteen page application, a para-med exam, doctor’s reports and the most recent two year’s tax returns, with all schedules. What may seem to be a benign health condition, such as a chiropractic visit, can result in exclusions or extra premiums. This program not only eliminates the lengthy underwriting process but also allows those with pre-existing conditions to access coverage. Danna-Gracey has negotiated the following offer for the benefit of its members. This offer is unique to FOS and does not exist for any other medical association throughout the country.

Disability Program Policy Highlights

  • Non-Cancelable and Guaranteed Renewable to age 65: Once issued, the carrier cannot cancel the policy or raise the premiums up to age 65.
  • Transitional Own-Occupation: If you are unable to practice surgery due to an illness or injury, you are considered totally disabled for the full benefit period. If you were to choose to work in another capacity, your benefit would be reduced only if your earned income plus all disability benefits exceeded your pre-disability income (highly improbable).
  • Waiting Period: 90 Days – The number of days disabled before benefits start.
  • Benefit Period: To age 65
  • 3% Cost of Living: While receiving disability benefits, the monthly benefit will increase at a rate of 3% to compensate for inflation
  • Residual Disability Benefit: A partial disability that results in a loss of income. Percentage of benefit will be based on a percentage loss of income.
  • Waiver of Premium: After 90 days of disability, all future premiums will be waived as long as the disability lasts. Any premium paid during the first 90 days will be refunded.
  • Catastrophic Benefit: Pays an additional $8,000 per month if unable to do 2 of the 6 activities of daily living.
  • 10% Premium Discount: Premiums are discounted 10% off of the carrier’s unisex rates.

Note: This policy was a leader in the medical field until they discontinued individual offerings in 2016. It can now only be obtained on a group basis.

This program is being offered exclusively through Danna-Gracey, the administrators of our Risk Purchasing Group medical malpractice insurance program. Contact Wes Caldwell, Danna-Gracey’s Disability Specialist, for more information at 904-514-0755.

Wes CaldwellWes Caldwell has spent the last 35 years helping clients understand the value of proper income protection planning. He is an expert in structuring comprehensive disability income plans, primarily in the medical field. Wes also consults with clients during the claims process, which has contributed to the payment of over $20,000,000 in tax-free disability benefits.